Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are rare. There are about 10 types of blue flowers available in the world, namely Flax, Gentian, Iris, Larkspur, Lavender, Periwinkle, Phlox, Violet, Lotus and Myrtle. These flowers are truly unique and special. You don’t need many reasons to give someone blue flowers. Blue flowers represents calmness and freedom.

By giving a bouquet or a pot of blue flowers to a friend or family, it is a sight for sore eyes simply because of the feeling as if you are admiring the blue sky and sea. However, some blue flowers are planted for its benefits in medical and chemical properties. As usual plants and flowers have many different purposes.

For example, flax is grown widely for its fibre. Gentian consists of 400 types of herbs. Lavender on the other hand is useful for its extract in making perfumes and aromatherapy oil. Basically, each flower has its own purposes, if not as decoration of as gift. Among all the blue flowers, lavender is perhaps the most popular.

Apart from being used as fragrance, lavender essential oil is used for aromatherapy. In the ancient times, lavender was being dried up to keep together with the linen for its fragrance. Our ancestors also used lavender leaves and flowers in the bathwater. Dried lavender is able to hold the fragrance for a long time, suitable to be used as freshener as well.

Other flowers such as periwinkle is known by many names. For example, creeping, running or grave myrtle. Usually people grow periwinkle at the window boxes because of the small bush and small flowers. In summer or fall, you will be able to see red, pink and white flowers covering the plant. Periwinkle makes a great garden flower as well. You can plant periwinkle to add in unique colour so everything else looks great.

Violet is also a rather popular blue flower. Strange thing about violet is that although there are perfumes made from extracted oil of violet but violet is usually odourless. However, the best thing is you can even add violet to your salad dressing. Otherwise, violet can be crystallized to produce candies. Usually violet grow wild in the woods but you can plant your own violet in your garden as well, as long as you have moist soil in your garden. According to myth, violet is Aphrodite’s sacred flower.

Lotus is undeniably a special flower because it grows in water. You might recalled times when there was a lake and you saw pink colour flowers among the many water plants on the surface. That would be the pretty lotus. Lotus is also available in red and white colour. The unique part of lotus is the seeds in the seed pots and the edible root. The Chinese use the root to make soup as it is believed to be beneficial for health. You can cook the seeds or eat it raw.

Generally, lotus grows wild in the water but if you have a pond at home, you can try to plant this to enhance your garden pond. It is rather easy or uncomplicated to maintain this type of water plant. However, it is best to make sure that you breed suitable fish in the pond that can enhance the growth of the plant. Besides, the plants will make good homes for your fish as well.

We must not forget about phlox for it is a wonderful flower plant just like the others. It has a very different name and the flowers are truly amazing. The name ‘phlox’ means flame in Greek and apparently this plant is named phlox because of a red colour species. Phlox is available in white and pink as well. It is believed that phlox’s native is US.

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