nicorette Gum yuck

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I am a smoker and have been for quite a few years. I have tried many options of quitting and always faild due to will power more than anything. If you dont want to quit you wont unfortunatly.

This product was probably the worst I have ever tried tho the Nicorette version is exepensive to say the least that is the first down fall but you can get cheaper versions that will only cost you from about a £1 poundland did do one but I havent seen them in there lately but if you do want to try them i would look for the cheapest version due to they taste the same which is nasty and they burn your throught and tongue and that nasty taste will last in your mouth for what seems forever.

I cant say that they work due to the taste I wouldnt have one when I did get a craving I would much prefer to have a cigerette. If you do want to quit the best thing I found was my doctor who prescribed me tablet unfortunatly if you suffer from any sort of depression dont take them they make you worse but you will recive regualr support from the nurses and they do work.

Try support groups too they can be alot of help but if you set that date to quit stick to it but I would advise not to use these chewing gums they make you feel sick and will not help you quit.


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