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I am a writer and I blog at Being as a writer is interesting enough because I get to meet different people and at the same time, I am being paid to do what I like – writing. Of course, apart from writing, I also enjoy work at homegrey_loader.gif . This is the add on bonus of being a freelance writer.

If you are like me, love to write and yet have no idea what to do, you might want to read ‘Ditch Your Job and Start Freelancing – It Is Not That Easy’ before you join the freelancing industry. The freelancing industry can be a risky business and you might want to think again before you try it.

However, I have started to look for other things that I can do to earn money. This is when Virtual Assistant came into my mind. At first I didn’t know what is a ‘Virtual Assistant’ being so new to the internet world. After some search on Google, I realised that this could be another breakthrough for me seeing that I am doing well writing.

So, I decided to advertise my service online and the best place to start is Craigslist. I listed under my country; Malaysia and a week later, someone approached me to be a moderator for a website through emails.

There are many things you can do as a VA. You can help to manage emails from answering emails and forwarding emails to the appropriate person in charge. You can also be a telemarketer using VOIP service. Perhaps you can even help out as a customer service consultant.

As for the payment, you are either getting paid by the hour, weekly or monthly. Most of the time, payment will be through PayPal unless otherwise stated. If this is an ideal work at home type of job that might interest you, give it a try.

Basically, it is easy to get a job as a Virtual Assistant seeing that most businesses are looking for ways to reduce cost. Try your luck at being a VA and who knows, you might be a successful Virtual Assistant in your area.


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