Huggies Wipes heaven in a packet

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These wipes are brilliant in any form from the sensitive to the pure. They are always moist to be able to clean your childs bottom in just one wipe almost the cheap own brands and even pampers I have found you have to use almost half a pack to clean away the mess and they are not cheaper on some occasions.

I have found the pampers wipe will leave a urine smell on my childs skin this is not the case with the huggies they clean thourerly leaving the skin spotless and smelling quite nice. They do not cause rashes and eventhough they are very wet they do not leave the skin wet for the next nappy to go on.

They are also kind on the skin which means I have been able to use them on my childs face and hands even to remove the pen from her arms and legs when the mischivious little one has found things she shouldnt be messing with.

I have found myself using these wipes on my face to wipe away any dirt and even when I have used the toilet making sure they are disposed of in a childs smelly bag because they do not flush.

They are thick wipes that will not disitergrate in your hand I cant tell you the amount of times that has happened with the cheaper ones. These are one of the most expensive wipes on the market without a doubt but they are worth it I pay £5 for a pack of 4 at a special deal that Asda has on at the minute when there deal fininshes then ususally boots or morrisons have a good deal on after so I will swap between them and if I get them from boots I can claim my advantage card points so an extra bonus for me.

I would recommend these to anyone who has sensitive skin and/or a child they are definately worth the money.


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