What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing or affiliate programs are simply an online opportunities providing assured sum of money without much work. But what is it? An affiliate program is a program where a company pays someone a commission if a sale that is generated through referrals.

The best example is probably the insurance market. The insurance pays the broker a commission, if he sells an insurance . Many banks also pay a small commission if someone recruiting a new customer. These are all affiliate programs.

On internet the following affiliate programs are available:

Pay per click (just need someone on the other side be brought)

Pay per lead (someone has to be put somewhere (free) account)

Pay per sale (which someone must buy)

Pay per Click
A simple visitor mediation. A visitor is lured to click the link to the advertiser’s website which has a sales page trying to sell the products, if your visitor buys the product you can get the commission paid.

Pay per Lead
Here, it is not just that someone on the target side. The person must be somewhere with his data. So here e.g. participate in a raffle or subscribing to a paid newsletter.

Pay per sale
The most severe, but also profitable variant. Here the person must buy something.

These are roughly three ways that you as an affiliate can earn money online. These are in ascending order of difficulty level. The more difficult it becomes, the more you will earn.


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