The "Self Sell" Prospecting Process

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The “Self Sell” prospecting technique is an aproach where a network marketer
allows a qualified prospect to convince themself to join a network marketing
opportunity rather than using hardsell and closing techniques to coerce a sale. 

The process for “self selling” is very simple.  It centers around the fact that
when prospecting you are not trying to make a sale, you are looking for “Aces”-
motivated, success driven people that you’d like to work with, to join your team. 
Since you will be working, training and partnering with everyone you bring onto
your team it is critical that you find people you belive you can work with.

The first step of this process is to call your lead.  The point of this phone call
is to interview them, to figure out if you want to personally work with them.  At
this stage you are looking to find a reason to disqualify them.  Remember that the
wrong associate will cost you MUCH more in the long run than you’ll make on this sale.

During this conversation you are the leader.  You need to position yourself as the
leader by being professional, knowledgeable, confident, courteous, and in control. 
But most importantly you have to be completely willing to let the sale go, you must
have no attachment to it.  Any hint of neediness will sink you.  You need to believe
you are the leader you must BE the leader!

If you like the person and think they’d be good to work with give them the information
to attend a business overview call.  Instruct them, both verbally and via email, to contact
you when they are done.

At this point it’s completely up to them.  Do not chase them, do not show any neediness. 
This is positioning and shows you are the leader.  Your marketing is your followup.  Use
an autoresponder to stay in contact with them, each time providing them the opportunity to
contat you. 

When they call you, get back to them in your own time.  Gladly answer any questions they have,
but during the rest of the call stay silent.  This silence can be very awkward, but by doing this You
assert your leadership and in essense say: You called me to answer some questions – which I’m
happy to do – anything else to be discussed is up to you.  Do not apply any pressure, Do NOT
ask them to join. By being unwilling to keep the conversation going puts you in the position of power

Do you know what happens 9 times out of 10 because you don’t chase them?  They begin to fill
the awkward silence with statements like “how do I get started?”, “What happens next?”.


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