Lady Gaga – The Fame Album Review

ladygagafame.jpgLady Gaga, a New Yorker dance pop artist who started from writing songs for established artists such as Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Britney Spears and Akon; lures us into her journey in music through her cheeky take on the electronic dance culture, adding some parts of electro-pop, rock, and disco; enticing anyone who is listening to savor each beat, as everyone gets drunk on the dance floor with her debut album, The Fame.  Moreover, her crafted radio and club tunes packed in the album would cloud your mind while taking you on the ride to electronic heights and glittering lights.

If you would intently listen to the songs of this album, you would definitely understand what Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga is trying to infuse into our mixed cultured society. Her catchy songwriting profoundly distinguished her from the rest, thus, creating her own style of music that became her trademark. There are songs the lean towards Gwen Stefani, some towards Madonna, and some towards Christina but it is her singing that lean towards her very own identity. As a trance/house music lover, I would definitely root for this type of music, however; what about those who are not into it? Well, what I can say is that I could see a lot people singing her songs aloud and enjoying listening on their iPods or mp3 players, while walking out in the sun. Every song sounds original. The Lady has not just introduced us with something new but has brought us into a new musical paradigm, bringing spice to every beat.

The album though, consists of great and not so great songs. “Just Dance”, “Love Dance”, Fame”, “Beautiful Dirty Rich”, are top. You might be thinking that since “Poker Face,” the album’s second single, got the number one spot on the charts in most of the countries of the world; that song already spoke for the album itself. No. There are songs in the album that are weak and not ready for the sophisticated ears of those who are techno/electro savvy. However, this album is thoughtfully done; crammed with mind-blowing sound effects, funky beats, and smooth vocals – which actually defines her confidence, power, and her technicality, which really make up for whatever is lacking.

Overall, this feisty album is something that is considered unusual in the techno pop era.  There are shining moments as there are lowly tides. You will never know how confounding it is for the music lovers, except for those who did the album themselves. Nevertheless, thumbs up for the trend-setting artist who does her performances theatrically.

If you want to know more about the Lady Gaga’s The Fame Album, it is available to listen to here.

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