How To Energize Your Body The Healthy Way

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Is your energy waning by 2:00 everyday? Do you feel like you have to drag yourself through the rest of the day until you finally fall into bed totally exhausted? If this is you- read on for natural ways to boost your energy level and have maximum vitality.


First make sure you take a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. After that you’ll want to add some B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Also make sure you are taking enough magnesium and calcium. If you feel tight, take more magnesium or take a bath in Epsom salt, which is high in magnesium. If you feel too loose, you may need more calcium. You can take as much vitamin C as you feel like you need, up to 10,000 mg a day, but remember to work up and down on the levels slowly.

You may need a little extra vitamin E as well. Vitamin E is an oxygenizer which helps all the muscles in the body by lowering the demands of oxygen. With increased oxygen your body doesn’t have to work so hard. So listen to your body and give it what it needs. You can take up to 3000 units daily with no fear of toxicity.

Don’t take more than 40,000 units of vitamin A, and1600 units of vitamin D daily. And make sure all your vitamins are a good quality (I don’t recommend drug store varieties).


Eat a healthy diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, like cereal and bread. Protein is a great energy booster, so other than meat and fish, try to fit some milk, eggs and raw nuts into your diet. And stay away from sugar as much as possible.


Exercise is very important to having more vitality. Take a walk 3 or 4 days a week, and work in some weight bearing exercises. Also try some other kinds of exercise like yoga (great for balance and lungs), swimming, golf, dancing, etc. Look in the paper for activities in your area, use your imagination and see what you come up with. Don’t exercise too late in the day though, or you may not sleep at night. And sleep, too, is essential to having enough energy to get through the day. Try not to exercise after 5:00 in the afternoon.


Stress is very hard on the body and drains you of much needed energy. It is vitally important to find ways to manage your stress. Exercise will help. Other ways to de-stress are: meditating, crafts, prayer, soak in a hot tub, and anything you love to do. Remember to take time for YOU.


I remember feeling like I couldn’t make it through another minute of the day, so believe me when I say; your body will feel so powerful after you start incorporating these energy boosting ideas into your lifestyle that you will wonder how you ever existed before.


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