Argentine Tango Classes in Perth

Welcome to Argentine Tango. The aim is to make Argentine Tango in Perth accessible to all in an easy, relaxing, yet fun way. With the skills learnt in these classes, students are encouraged to integrate into the larger Tango community in Perth and various social tango events (milongas). The instructor Dania Percy recently migrated from Montreal where she has trained and taught Argentine Tango and wishes to share her passion and understanding of those interested in Tango in Perth.You probably have heard about it and seen it in films but the experience of dancing is something you would never have expected or imagined.  

Argentine Tango is unlike ballroom in that it was danced socially for the sheer fun of it at the start of the early nineteenth century amongst the people of Buenos Aires. 

Argentine Tango is totally improvised.  The best way to learn the dance is to learn the art of communication and connection between leader and follower.  Because Argentine Tango is based on walking: If you know how to walk, you’ll be dancing tango in no time!

With the skills developed in the classes, your creativity will have no end. The dance will evolve naturally.  You will understand what makes a dancer and dance magic.  The course will offer an encouraging environment for creativity and explore the limits of the dance, while giving essential guidelines and instructions. 

This class will not only teach you Argentine Tango but will give you some underlying principles which will help with your other dances as well.  More experienced dancers will benefit from these classes since you can’t play with complex moves without a firm grounding in the fundamentals.

Tango is a great refreshing activity which will increase your elegance, poise, confidence and balance. Dancing with others will enhance your cooperation, trust and harmony with your colleagues and friends.  The social aspect of Tango will have a positive impact in your work life as well.

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