An Overview Of SEO And Its Importance

During the early search engine days, there was no such thing as SEO. In those times, you would simply submit your site manually to each engine and that was it.

These SEO experts just started to exist during the “dot com” boom days. They charged people an arm and a leg to “optimize” their sites in order to get listed high in the search results. This gave way to our new monster friend Google who totally changed the way search engines work and how we work with them. Good thing that Google was fare enough by making efforts to level the playing field for the little guys to have as much of a chance as huge companies have to get listed high. This is the great thing that Google brought into by the changes they made.

As the technology gets high, many Internet experts started to break down and examine the search engine methods for ranking and listing sites some of the best SEO software tools started arriving on the market. Again, this allows the “little guys” an option to afford expensive “SEO experts” and begin to perform search engine optimization themselves. Much of this focuses around keyword analysis and density checking to ensure we are in compliance with the rules of the major search engines.

Very slick tools that can analyze your potential competitors and how they are achieving their rankings have been added by some of the newer versions of the best SEO software now on the market. Features to help enhance back linking efforts and placing the whole optimizing process on an auto pilot mode that will continually monitor your site’s pages down to the individual page and report back every aspect of your site’s performance have also been added.

In my own perspective, I believe that the biggest advantage of these new software packages is that now, small online business owner’s has tools readily available for them which only require a single purchase and can be used for as many websites as they want to develop.

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