The Pros and Cons of breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is a God send to any mother looking to be closer to her child. It is said that breastfed children are smarter and healthier and less smelly bowel movements. The healthy benefits of breastfeeding will take effect if you breastfeed for at least 6-12 mths.The choice to breastfeed should be solely the mothers decision, if you can withstand pain at some time or another you can do it. The pain from a swollen bosom could be unbearable causing you to wince. The swelling and pain can be uncomfortable, and even painful. Women with introverted nipples should really not decide to do this if pain is an issue. I had a difficult time with breastfeeding because of this. The breastpumps are not fun either, if the thought of being milked like a cow is disturbing then obviously breastfeeding does not paint a pretty picture. The breast size may decrease because of the amount of milk taken from your body, so you would have to drink plenty of water and use the proper vitamins. Healthy meals are advised throughout the day so that you can keep up with your nutrition as well as the child. You can not drink excessively(1 glass of wine per day) and no smoking. You should also get a breast exam from physician. Prenatal care is also advised for any pregnant woman so that your physician can catch any type of defect in your breasts. Cancerous lumps can also be detected before the decision to breastfeed is made. Your physician will tell you whether it is safe or not.


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