The Trouble With Men!!!!

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Take my husband for instance; before we married he would hang on every word I said. It seemed the day after we married he stopped listening to me. I would have whole conversions with him; he would say yes or hum. An hour later I would say something like, shall we book the holiday then. He would look at me blankly and say what; well I don’t know if I want to go Spain this year. But we decided an hour ago that we would go to Spain I’d say and you didn’t hear a bloody word I said did you. Oh that’s right start shouting he’d shout you’re always trying to pick an argument. With that he’d march out the front door slamming it loudly behind him.  Another thing I notice about men, whether it be my husband, brother, brother-in-law, dad they always seen to do the little jobs you ask them to do badly. I would go as far as to say that actually they bodge them up. What makes it all the worse is they never seem to see it that way. We as women stand and look at the bodged job.

They as men stand there smiling looking very pleased with themselves totally blinded to the fact that they have made a total pigs ear out the little job you asked them to do. And if you dare to say you don’t like it, they get the giant hump and march off in a strop. Take my friend’s husband for instance he decided to build a brick wall one weekend while my friend was away. The wall was to be four feet high.  When my friend got back home, there was her husband with a big smile on his face looking very pleased with himself. My friend just looked at the wall; it was four foot at one end and three foot six inches at the other end. And it kind of bowed out in the middle, with big bits of dried cement sticking out everywhere. When she pointed this out to him, He threw up his arms in despair, said she was the most ungrateful person he had ever met, and then refused to speak to her for eight days. I have seen the wall and it really looks bad!


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