How can I become a better musician?

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Listen. Listening is a key. This tames you with a better ear for pitch. This is extremely crucial for vocalists. You want to be able to hear what key the music is in and chime in so it sounds right. Not only that but you also want to listen to any sorts of music you can get your hands on. Broadening your horizons makes a world a difference. You may be a heavy metal rocker who hears a fancy technique in a 1977 disco song. Who would’ve thought you were listening to disco, right? Influences come in many shapes and sizes, and also from every angle of the spectrum.

Practice, practice, practice. This cannot be preached enough. It is often overlooked. Especially from the ones who have attained a solid musicianship. No matter how good you get, there’s always room for more talent. It is a good idea to set up some sort of regiment on practicing. If you create a schedule that isn’t impossible, such as practicing every night after dinner for 10-15 minutes. That is more useful than practicing once a week for an hour! Plus why stop when the sky’s the limit? Record yourself. Record it, play it back and critique what you like / dislike about your playing. Figure out what you can do to enhance the playing that much more. After practicing a bit more and working out the kinks you should be ready to record again. Then just repeat and I guarantee every time you will be more satisfied. Write. This is where things can become very interesting and creative. This also opens up a new dimension on your whole music experience. If it’s writing lyrics, or writing guitar riffs you tend to find your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s hard and you tend to fall into this “writers block” scenario. I’ve come to learn that it is only a phase, but unfortunately you cannot grow out of it. It comes and goes throughout the course of your passion for music. Once you get out of that phase try writing as much as possible, as long as you’re having a good time doing so. That is when things come easy! Perform. Technically if you’re listening to a live performance you couldn’t tell if the band is sitting on stools or stage diving. Once you’ve gotten a good grip on your instrument as a musician then you should begin working on the performance part of the music. I will touch base on this more in my next article.

Remember to have fun with it. No need to stress over playing music

Always remember to set high goals. It is not something you achieve overnight but if you stick with it, you will be there before you know it!


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