Fragments From a Dictatorship Period: Woodstock Festival Documentary in Greece

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It was just in the middle of the seven years dictatorship period in Greece, the last Sunday of November 1970, and the Woodstock festival documentary was screened at cinemas. It was the premiere for the Greek audience and the place was cinema “Palace” in Athens. The premier attended also the creator of the film Michael Wadleigh. His appearance at Voukourestiou street created turmoil while the Greek audience raised him on their shoulders.

The doors of “Palace” cinema had closed since very early because the room was already occupied by about 2000 spectators creating impenetrability. Outside the cinema were other 3000 people who finally broke the rolls of the entrance and entered the hall to attend the display. Panic prevailed and the episodes became first article in the newspapers the next morning. Immediately the dictatorship’s censorship answered by prohibiting the next day any projection of the Woodstock festival documentary at all cinemas in the country.

Some days later and after the intervention of the secretary of state and “great” theoretical on dictatorship George Georgalas, the film was on the way to the cinemas again. Indeed Georgalas in an interview among others said: “Young people of Woodstock are unhappy. They are struggling to express by music their internal storm.”

All these actions nowadays look too distant here, while 21th century brought in most parts of the world globalization with all its positives and negatives and the way of life changed dramaticaly, but we ought not to forget that in other parts of our little planet people still feel and sufer from the terror of distorted and corrupted politics and politicians.


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