How to Decide Destination

How to decide your destination?

It can be very difficult to decide your destination when you have a tight budget, but you want to get the max out of your holiday. The best thing to do is to write down a list of requirements for the holiday. For example, it should be a sun and bath-vacation or it should be an adventures-vacation. Do you want to see alot of nice places or do you just want to party all nights long?

Climate Table, use them and read them in and out. Alot of students go on a travel to get away from the real world to relax and enjoy the weather and the beach. Then it is good if you have an eye on what weather you can expect on your trip.

Day and night temperature is very important when you decide destination. Is it a very high temperature at night you may need to find a hotel with aircondition to be able to sleep. Is it very high temperature the sand on the beach will rise in temperature and to be able to walk there you may need to buy a pair of beach slippers.

The water temperature is often very critical for a successful holiday. If the temperature of the water is low then maybe it will be smart to choose a hotel with a pool?

How many hours of sunshine can be expected at your choosen destination?

Do you like the sun, it is sad if your holiday will be ruined because of rain. Thailand, for example has periodically rain every day. In San Diego its said that they have sun 365 days a year.

Now it’s just to sit down and write down a list of requirements, and it will be a great travel!

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