How to Creat iPhone Applications that is Going Viral

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Creating applications for your iPhone is an hot tred right now. There is a lot of skilled programmers who have found instant fame by creating iPhone applications. You can be making the bank with your program if it goes viral, even if the application is cheap. But how do you creat a program that is going viral? Here’s a few factors that have helped others in there chase for fame and fortune.

  1. Keep it simple. It has to be easy to use for everyone. If you want it to go viral it can’t be an application that needs a lot of pre knowledge to get the benefits of it.
  2. Make it useful. Of course it has to be useful, your program has to solve a problem and make it worth buying.
  3. Innovation. Make something new and fresh. Please don’t reinvent the wheel. Make something unique. If you come up with an ide of something innovative, stick to it!
  4. Price, it has to be the perfect price. You can’t sell it too low because then your customers will think it’s a lousy application. You can’t sell it too high either because then there will be no customers.
  5. Support and updates. You’ll have to allways improve your application and give your customers support. Listen to your customers.

Creating your application may not be difficult for yo, but getting your application go viral is not easy. But if you go with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method then you’ll have a much higher chance of making the bank.


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