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is proud to announce the birth of a new and rapidly growing membership community that interfaces with certified Microsoft, Comptia or Cisco independent service providers. The website offers membership to IT professionals who are interested in starting their very own computer repair business.

If the prospect of starting a computer repair business from scratch does not appeal to you because of the considerable potential of failure and the lack of a sound exit strategy, or if cannot come up with the rather consistent investment that buying into a franchise requires, you are provided with an excellent alternative, namely that of becoming part of this powerful membership community. Membership of Computer-troopers.com™ allows IT professionals to make use of their brand and have access to a wide range of excellent business opportunities and comprehensive solutions for prospective customers.

The company guarantees a reputable business brand and a powerful marketing strategy for all their members. The direct result of this is a constant flow of clients for all company members who use this brand as their own.

The website provides a hassle-free business solution that requires a minimal investment. For a monthly fee of under £7, IT professionals are provided with comprehensive solutions for starting a computer repair business.

Becoming a member of this company and making it a part of your business is very cost-effective and extremely simple. All Microsoft, Cisco or Comptia certified professionals are readily provided with state of the art solutions and have immediate access to efficient promotion through Computer Troopers’ e-marketing hub. All it takes is that services be delivered to clients promptly and in a professional manner.

The services that you can resell as part of the Computer-troopers.com™  community include wired or wireless network installation, software installation, hardware installation, virus detection and removal, PC and Mac health check-ups, PC and laptop repair, data transfer service, data recovery, child internet protection, security,  VoIP installation, and so forth.

Computer-troopers.com™ is a fast growing community whose focus is to approach and collaborate with major IT vendors. This will translate into another notable advantage for all community members, namely that of having access to thousands of PC components, parts and software at trade price, an opportunity that small businesses or self-employed service providers cannot benefit from.

The company welcomes IT professionals from all over the world to join a rapidly-growing community and benefit from powerful solutions and PC repair business startups.

For more information http://www.computer-troopers.com

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