Limits And Ambition – 2

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Because what happens is that, the more ambitious one gets, the more he keeps forgetting about where he should stop. Generally, one always knows where to start, but very fre know where to stop. Being ambitious is all right. But an excess of it is never good. In fact an excess of anything is never welcome. Ice-cream may be good and delicious to eat. One can enjoy a cup ot it with greater joy. A second cup will also give joy. But the joy will be lesser than the first cup. A third cup will give lesser joy, the fourth still lesser. And at last a moment will come when you will lose your temper when offered one more cup of it. so to enjoy a certain thing learn to be satisfied. But along with that it is also necessary to keep in mind that one should have at least one reasonable ambition playing in life always. Because ambition is what drives us. Ambition is what keeps us fresh.
     Ambition is what gives food for our thought. Now if I keep an ambition of writing 100 more such articles, say within the next 10-12 months, it will keep me focused on my goal. It may provoke me to find new topics, to complete my deadlines. It will keep me busy towards achieving my goal. and if I remain busy in my work, I may not think about vices that may be distructive for me or for the society. Because as all know, an empty head is a devil”s workshop. And who would want such workshops? As long as you are safe personally – mentally and physically – and you are doing any constructive work – for your own self or for the society – breaking the limits is all right. The most suitable example for this can be our scientists. These genius men worked day and night, limitlessly, unselfishly – just to make life easier for the next generations to come. But if your ambition is harming you knowingly or unknowingly, you may become distasteful. Then your genius won”t be counted. But there is still a thing you can do limitlessly, boundlessly. Want to know? Surrender to the good God above. It is He who expects boundless love from you. Leave no stone unturned. And spread His words. That is the only thing that you can do without any limits. And then you will know that, what you get in return is also limitless.


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