what is value- it’s more important than you ever imagined. read on

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Value is something different from money while money just facilitates the shifting of value
from one form and/or time to other, value as such remains constant.
True Value is the amount of value you are willing to let go of yours in order to achiever one or
more of following things
1. avoidance of pain
2. more pleasure
3. anything which facilitates continuance of your genes
4. Anything that would make you feel better than others.
5. Anything that facilitates your perceived progress in life.
Value is different for each person for the same thing/service.
A person may not value services of a beautician as much as a woman would do.
To understand it deeply let’s do a hypothetical situation.
You are in a desert, with none in sight, you haven’t eaten of drunk for many days, and you
think if you don’t get something to eat and drink you will die.
You see a small house with a person sitting outside. And you ask for food/water. And he says
yes, I’ll provide you with both, but for that I want all your life’s belongings, your money, your
property and everything. Would you give it to him? I guess yes why, coz in that situation that
plate of food and that glass of water was worth more than anything you ever owned. It had
more “value” than your property because it was going to save your life. People ask well he
could have asked for anything and got it in that situation, not true, let’s see the same situation,
only now he is not asking for money, he Is asking for your son’s heart coz his child’s heart has
a hole and your son’s heart is a match for him. Now would you let go of your son to save
yours, I guess not.
I have tried my best to let you understand the difference between the two. Money and value.
Value is never destroyed as such. It merely changes form from one product or service to
However value does get created and destroyed which are more or less equal.
All value starts from land and ends in consumption.
A farmer who is growing from the field is creating money.
A person who is creating chair out of wood is creating value.
A person who actually invents something in service is creating value.
A person who eats foods is destroying that value
A person who has bought that chair to use has destroyed that value coz he gave some of his
value in order to enjoy the pleasure of that chair, which he will destroy is some years.
A person, who took that service of person, destroyed that value by giving his own personal
However, since the rate of creation of value is virtually same as the rate of its destruction.
A.k.a. consumption. Value in world normally remains the same


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