Limits And Ambition – 1

“There has to be a limit to everything”. “The sky is the limit”. “Enough is enough”. “That”s it”. “Ok! Stop it now”. We often hear thoughts and emotions like these, in different moods around us. Whatever the mood; the feelings are the same. But really, there should be a limit to everything. Limits give us a feeling of satisfaction, but for some it is anoyying. Why? Only this much? I want more! This ”wanting more” many a time leads to the downfall of oneself. When we talk of limits it is directly or indirectly concerned with one”s ambitions. This is one things that drives man to his limits. One should always have a goal, an ambition in life. Dream, goal, destination, desire, wish are some other words by which we know it. You and I and all humans should have a goal set for oneself. The goals that we set for ourselves should be realistic, reasonable and it should contribute to the development of our society and our nation. The goals should be constructive. Our goals should make justice to our power, knowledge and capacity. An ambitionless life is like a rocking chair. Because it makes you do something, but gets you nowhere. An ambitionless life is like a tree without foliage. There may be roots, but they have no one to feed. As many great men have said, ”The life of a human is pretty rare. And in this rare life too we doo nothing. Then what”s the use of it after all?” We must have desires in front of us and strive to achieve them. And once you achieve your goal two things happen – the beginning of your joy and the end of your struggle. And the joy of attaining your goal is worth a billion dollers. But keep in mind that, there is a great joy in giving a struggle too. Equally joyful it is. If you accomplish any one thing, try to go for still another. Because if one riches a goal, we stop fighting for it. And it is human to do so. And the joy of fighting for your destination disappears into thin air. When you fulfill one thing, find another task for yourself. Follow it, strive for it. But yes, withing limits, of course.

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