Make Beautiful Corsages From Scrap Fabric

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Scrap fabric corsages make beautiful gifts for friends and family. Attach one to a card or package for a friend’s birthday, Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day or a Just Because Day. Use up all those bits and pieces of lace, ribbon and fabric that you just knew would come in handy someday. These corsages are so quick and simple to make using a sewing machine, that you may become addicted. This scrap fabric corsage would be perfect for Girl Scouts, after school programs, and preteen or teen sleepovers, if you are looking for a project for a group just learning to sew. You may need to borrow sewing machines, but the supplies are simple and inexpensive enough that you will be able to provide for the whole group. It is a perfect craft if you are impatient or want instant gratification.

List of needed supplies:

Sewing machine



Pin backs

Small bits of fabric, lace, ribbon and trim

Hand sewing needle and thread



Steps for making your scrap fabric corsage:


Step 1.

Start by drawing a 2 inch circle on a scrap of felt using a compass. If you don’t have a compass, use the bottom of a glass to trace your circle pattern. It does not have to be exactly 2 inches. Cut the circle out to use as your scrap fabric corsage base.

Step 2

On one side of the circle find the center. Place an ink pen at this center point and draw spiral lines approximately a quarter inch apart, around the circle, to the outer edge. This spiral line will be your sewing guide. Kind of like following the yellow brick road.

Step 3.

Prepare the strips of fabric and trims you will be using to create your scrap fabric corsage. Cut the fabric into quarter inch strips. Cut the fabric and all trims 3 inches long. Fill a basket with your prepared strips so that they are handy to use as you sew. This is a step that can be done anywhere, try it when sitting in the car or while watching television. Cut all fabric ribbon and trims the same color if you are wanting one color for your scrap fabric corsage.

Step 4

Begin sewing at the center most point of your felt circle. Place the center of your first strip over the center of the circle. Begin sewing slowly around the spiral, continuously adding cut fabric strips and trim as you go. When you have reached the end of the spiral, back stitch and clip your ends.

Step 5.

For the back of your scrap fabric corsage, cut an additional 2 inch circle or a circle the same size as your base. Place the backing circle over the back of your scrap fabric corsage. Whip stitch the edge of the circles together. This will give the back of your scrap fabric corsage a neat and tidy appearance.

Step 6.

Place the pin back on the back of your scrap fabric corsage, sightly up from the center and stitch it in place.

Step out 7.

Trim the ends of your ribbon, fabric and lace to achieve the look you are wanting for your scrap fabric corsage.


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