Splendid Fishotography: A Glimpse of Underwater Life

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Some fishes are just naturally photogenic. Consider the Angel Fish shown above. At first glance, it looks like a logo for some canned mackerel product, or a 3D manifestation of a fish from the film Finding Nemo. There’s no reason for you to be suspicious, however, because Mr. Angel Fish is truly alive and this photo taken of him is captured in real time.


By human standards, the life of a fish is extremely boring and tragic. There’s no T.V., no rest, no fancy dishes, etc. As a fish, you have to deal with the loss of your loved ones every single day, because as far as fishes are concerned, thousands of their kind venture to the afterlife without leaving any sort of grave. The “non goldfish” but gold colored fish shown on the picture above is a survivor of a great fishing onslaught or massacre. He escaped.


Some fishes seem to have an inclination towards fashion. “Hey, we may not be worth eating and featured on restaurants, but we’re the most wickedly dressed down here”, they say. The Masked Butterfly Fishes shown on the picture above chose to keep the source of their designer outfits secret. All we know for sure is this: There are lots of envious fishes swimming all around them.


Fishes are now beginning to address the issue of racial discrimination. During the International Summit Of Aquatic Life, fishes of different colors and kinds met in order to resolve the rising class conflict! Shown on picture above are members of the council. Photo was taken after a heated debate.


Sometimes, beauty and extreme uniqueness can be a sort of curse. That’s exactly what the Lion Fish feels (shown above). Surrounded by mediocre and plain looking fishes, he has no one to talk to or even laugh with. His daily activities consist of roaming the seas day in and day out in search of some underwater camera that can at least document his lonely existence.


Shown above is a group of fishes who are social outcasts. They are the rejects of society. They are what Victor Hugo called “the third substage”, living way below the substrata of life. Their faces are deformed. Their skins are transparent, revealing their skeletal system. No wonder their fellow fishes freaked out.


Ssshtt…stay silent. The two leader fishes above are embarking on a dangerous plan. They’ve been talking about it for weeks on end: a massive out-of-sea conquest in which thousands of fishes will try to leave the ocean to venture if there is life above sea level. While this plan may ultimately cost them their lives, there’s no stopping them at this point. Later underwater studies show that this conquest actually took place.

The question is, did their plan succeed? We have proof that SOME of them made it beyond the shore. Those who survived are now active in pursuing modern advances in technology and transportation:


*(Some facts in the annotations are fictional and for entertainment purposes only. All photos courtesy of Flickr.com)


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