You Know You’ve Played Seal Online Way Too Much When….

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1. When you get hurt in any way possible you lay down on the floor and take a newpaper nap.

2. When you get hurt you freak out because you don’t have any red health potions.

3. You believe that the guy who runs the groccery store looks suspiciously like Marco the Appraiser.

4. You run up to every blonde girl and try to sell her the bones, flowers, or whatever you find on the ground.

5. You are nervous that the penguins at the Zoo are really bb gun shooting monsters.

6. You have or have had in the past a Seal Online Calander.

7. You have an ad in the Love Match section in the game.

8. You find someone who responds to your ad that is on the game just as much as you.

9. When someone sighs it reminds you of the sound the fairies made when you slaughtered them just so you could harvest their dust.

10. You worry that your ingame pet will die if you don’t hurry and give it it’s favorite food. Milk.

11. You are the Leroy Jenkins of Seal Online

12. You treat every task you do in real life as a completed test.

13. You level up and gain fame in real life due to your ‘completed quests’.

14. You already know that the best place to get information about the game is not the games own website, but

15. Your reading this list!

Happy Gaming!

~Sasorri (yes, my game name!)

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