Netbooks generation: life online (good qualty apps, storage, etc)

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For a few years I was stuck to my old office PC just because I did not want to waist time re-installing andmoving around everything. Then, I got a laptop from work, and later bought a netbook. Right after, I managed to leave in in the airport. Hrrrr! Now I have a new one, and my intention is to keep everything neat and online.

1. Google, of course. If you have a possibility, forward even your work mail to your gmail account, set an appropriate filter, and you’ll have everything in one place. No more need to install Thunderbird in each and every PC, and keep on losing to spam. Now you can even upload your old mail to gmail, and have everything always accessible, wherever you are. Use google calendar, notebook, tasks, bookmarks, and much more. Why do we let them monopolize? Just because this makes our lifes much easier.

2. Picassa and flickr. Buy additional space, and store everything online. With picassa, it is very easy to edit your albums in your computer, and then, with one click, upload everything online. If you have pictures for the purpose of sharing with friends and always being able to look at any of them, keep them onine. These sites are of course not for professionals. If you don’t want to pay, just have a few accounts. I use those, and I will appreciate if you write in comments any better options that give more space, allow larger pictures, and are free or very cheap.

3. Music online. No more downloading! is not free anymore, but just for a few $ per month you can have all the music you like, their library is huge. There are much more options, such as Grooveshark, deezer, and much more. I would not rely on deezer as they still allow music on demand, but this will not last. They don’t have many songs either. Once again, this advice is for those who listen at least a little popular music, and do not necessarily want all songs on demand.

4. Zoho – an office online, including word proessing, accounting, data management, and much more. I have not tried it yet, but I appreciate neet interface, realiable and no-nonsence site.

5. Sribd – upload and share (or not) your papers, presentations, etc. No limits, huge community. You can even sell your documents, so get all your study work there, never lose it again, and even make money.

6. Use much more web apps. I found, for example, a neat .pdf to .doc converter, pdftoword, but so far it did not work for me. They claim not to store any of your content, and send the file by mail. Still waiting.. You convert it offer a wide range of formats, mostly images and pdf, eps, ps, and also look neat and reliable.

… and much more, already not mentioning networking and blogs, please leave comments, and I will update.


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