As a couple, the biggest challenge one faces is the proper upbringing of a small baby they bring so hopefully in this world. We all know that the arrival of a kid puts us to the stress of being a responsible parent.

Earlier, the couple may have bickerings openly and without any bars. All of us confess that marriages never have a happily ever after ending. The couple has to adjust not only physically and mentally but also face the day to day stress of life as issues arise whether financially or not.Two independent personalties slowly learn to work as a cohesive couple unit but not before their fare share of loosing temper, flying off the handle, egoistic temperaments and shouting matches to blame each other for a particular situation.

The arrival of a kid does not change the blame game habit. Startying with hushed whispers, the volume may slowly escalate. The child psychologists were of the view that since kids are very keen on observation, they may take on the same fighting habits unconsciously when faced with a similar situation. This naturally put the parents on a guilty trip.

However the recent researches have sufficient data that proves that every fight is not psychologically harmful to the kids. Instead, they may just be learning the survival techniques to cope with such situations when they arise. For example, they may learn to kiss and make up after a good fight just as their parents. They learn to make peace after making their point. Thus, it is imperative that parents should fight exemplarily not only stating their point of views but sweetly reconciling as well in front of their kids.

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