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In this modern world full of stress, the couples are increasingly having problems when it comes to conceive a child. Trying to conceive (ttc) is no longer easy. As a result, they rely on every latest costly conception procedure available in market. But repeated failure gives way to frustration. Not only the couples are deprived of their hard earned dollars but it is the overwhelming effect both on body and mind testing their relationship.

Natural methods primarily focus on keeping the diet and nutrition of the couple in mind. Even before you conceive, it is essential for a balanced diet so that the male restores the vigour of the sperm and the female fortifies her body for successful conception ( for example, beans, almonds and apricots are good natural supplements of folic acid, that in turn is essential not only for eliminating spinal defects but developing a favourable atmosphere for conception as well). Lots of eggs, meat, fresh fruit, milks, nuts, pulses and green veggies must form a daily constituent of the diet. while milk is a source of natural calcium, bananas are rich in potassium and greens (spinach, lettuce) are good source of iron.

In couples where conceiving is not a problem, trying in the peak ten day ovulatory window (five days before and five days after ovulation) is enough. But the ttc (trying to conceive) couple must resort to sex on every alternate day. This is advised in order to keep the production and motility of sperms on a fresh scale. Often the couples are found trying innumerable times thinking that the possibility to conceive shall increase. However this is a myth. Drop all coke and caffeine and try for the baby with love and care.


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