Jay-z vs the new school

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Everyone in N.Y. is talking about D.O.A. death of auto tune, Jay-z’s new single.The song has stirred up a bit of controversy. In it he speaks on the state of hip hop and the rappers today. He says rappers are singing to much, there jeans are to tight and they are over using auto tune. But when interviewed by Angie Martinez on hot 97 he said that he was not talking about rappers such as Lil wayne and Kanye West. He says they supposably use auto tune the correct way. By saying that he contradicts the whole song. Kanye West and lil wayne are to of the rappers who started the skinny tight jean trend. Ksnye West made an entire  album using auto tune. If thats not over use by a rapper then the sky must be green. Personally i am a  Jay-z fan. To me there is no rapper better. But i would have to strongly disagree with him making this song and not directing it to Kanye and lil wayne. Dj webstar felt Jay-z was talking about him and Ron brows. DJ webstars response was how can a 40 year old man relate to a 17 or 18 year old. Which is a very strong argument . Plus neither Ron brows or DJ webstar wear skinny tight jeans and Neither are rappers. It would be a shame if he was talking to them. They are just young black men trying to come up in the industry. Jay needs to pick fights with rappers his age and with the same financial backing. As we wait for jays new album to drop sept. 11th 09. i hope the next single is about the music and less controversal. 

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