how to play free games and earn free money or prizes

There are a lot of game sites that will pay you to play games for free.  They are all free you do not have to pay nothing unless you decide to pay them some money. The first one is .You have to sign up at the web site and down load the game. Then you will play some poker to win some money. If you win some thing you will recieve it in about six weeks. You can become a vip if you want to make more money. You do not have to pay to win real money or prizes. It is free with a email renew once a month the will send you an email and you watch it to keep your subscription with them. The next site is you play free games there to win all types of gifts. You do not have to pay to win free prizes its free. You can earn more points by down loading the tool bar they have. The next one is You spin a wheel to earn you some money every day. they give you one free spin everyday you log in and then spin the wheel to earn you some money. Once your money builds up you can request a check. So now that i have told you how to make some free money why dont you have some fun and make you some money like i do. So go ahead and enjoy yourself while making free money for free.

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