Ecofreindly Laptops

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The product is launched by ASUS Technology (India) by complying with restrictions  of hazardous  substances (RoHS) and waste electical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) standards. It is manufactured through a green procurment process by restricting the use of thirty-seven hazardous substances under the RoHS directive. By using the super hybrid engine, it stirves to extend the batter life by 35 to 70% when compared with conventional notebooks/laptops.

Moso species of the bamboo is used for making it. Due to this, it  is as light as a feather at 1.57 Kgs and carries a global warrnaty of two years. The track pad is also made up of bamboo. The panelling and the mouse bundled with it is also of bamboo. And much more, in the fact, that every piece can be enhanced with tretaments that yield different colors. The super hybrid engine reduces the yearly carbondioxide emission close to 12 kgs a piece. By shipping a massive six million pieces a year, the company has saved roughly seventyfour million kgs of CO2 emissions/ a year. This is equillant to saving a whopping thirtysix million trees annually.

In India it is priced at Rs.1,10,000 ( about u.s.$3000). Of course, it carries the two years warranty as applicable to global custoemers. By being light, well configurated and available in attractive colors, it should be an envied piece owned by just not the enviornmentallists but any one who currently owns an upper ended version of Notebook/laptop. It not only would make them closer to nature but also give them an opportunity to do their bit to save environment,


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