Why You Must Buy A New iPhone 3G S?

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Apple iPhone has launched the new iphone call iphone 3G S. So here i will tell you why you must buy a new iphone 3G S.

Faster Speed
iPhone 3G S has a faster processor, more memory and superb performance. Although the iPhone 3G is no slouch, it can be a little sluggish when opening and closing applications. If Apple’s demo videos are anything to go by, the iPhone 3G S will be a much zippier Smartphone.

Big Size of Memory
Apple comes with two models 16GB and 32GB.

New Camera
The iPhone 3G S has a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, compared with the old iPhone 3G 2-megapixels and non-autofocus camera. It still lacks a flash, but the increased megapixel count should slightly improve photos and tapping an area on the screen to focus on is a cool feature that should make mobile photography easier.

Voice Control
The iPhone 3G S introduces what Apple calls Voice Control, a voice recognition feature that allows you to make a call and play music by speaking. Voice Control can find any entry in your contacts list, and users simply have to say a name or phone number to make a call. For music, you can ask what song is playing and hear the iPhone 3G S answer, tell it to play your favorite album, or play similar tracks to the current one.

a built-in digital compass is another new feature of the iPhone 3G S. We aren’t sure exactly how often anyone would use this as a standalone app, but when combined with Google Maps, the compass will rotate maps to always match the direction you’re facing.

Internet sharing
The iPhone 3G S can now be used as a modem, connecting to a Mac or PC via USB or Bluetooth. Although AT&T in the US won’t be supporting this feature, Optus is one Australian Telco that has confirmed it will be. Telstra and Vodafone are yet to announce whether they will offer tethering capability.

Remote Headphones
The iPhone 3G S will include Apple’s remote headphones in the sales package. The new headphones have a multi-button remote and volume control keys, as well as a microphone to handle voice calls.

More features
Apple has included a number of features that help people with disabilities use the iPhone 3G S. These include Apple’s Voice-over function, which reads aloud what is on the screen, a zoom function that magnifies up to five times, and a white on black display option that provides increased contrast.


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