How To Back Up Your CD Music Collection

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Every music lover has lots of CDs with hours of music. But CD can be easily scratched, broken or corrupted in any other way. It’s a disaster to lose a favourite album. Sure one may purchase it again, but why spend extra money? The best way to avoid that is to back up your music. It’s simple and has lots of benefits.

First, your music is stored in several places. Remeber – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In case your CD gets corrupted or just lost you still have your music on your computer. Later you may burn another CD to replace the broken one.

Second, digital music can be uploaded to the web. If you want to share your music with friends or just add a track to your facebook profile digital music is a must have.

Third, CDs are useless for iPods or any other mp3 converter. You have to rip CDs and convert to MP3 before yu are able to upload music to the player.

So there are enough resons to back up CD and make a digital copy of your musci collection. But how to?
First, you have to get a good CD ripper. This software allows you transfering music from CDs to computer. Factory Audio Converter will do the job in seconds. Why should you rip CDs instead of copying data from the disk to the hard drive? Because the music is stored in CDA format on commercial CDs. It can not by copied to the hard drive without an appropriate CD ripper.

Then you have to decide what audio format to choose. The widely accepted MP3 has some shortcomings. It’s a lossy format and the MP3 track is not the same as the original one but of poorer quality. You may select lossless WAV format but the size if each track will be 2-4 Mb. Assuming that you have dozens of tracks that will take too much of the hard drive.
FLAC is a lossless format but it compresses music to save size. Using FLAC you get the great quality and the small size suitable fro storing on your pc. And later you can convert it to mp3 or other lossy format with a software like Factory Audio Converter. 


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