How to keep your PC healthy


sometimes pc becomes slow & you may get error messages poping up in your pc .this is a harmfull and annoying problem which can be solved by fixes , precautions and spyware cleaner software.Let me give my ideas to prevent ,solve this problem

1. Prevention:- you must use firewall while using your PC, if you feel using firewall annoys you, then you must use firewall atleast while using the internet . you can use windows firewall, but there are many powerfull artenative also some of them are ZoneAlarm, Kerio personal firewall, Etrust EZ armor etc ,


there are nice anti spyware software like Spyware Doctor, Ad-Aware etc which can remove spyware. A daily scan using this software must be done in order to protect the computer from spyware. Software like Nortan internet security must be used for blocking Malicious download and use of Nxleaner or other registry and cookie cleaning software to delete unwanted registries .

popups like ” you have critical viruses and spyware in your system, download this software ” are used by spyware makers to cheat you and make you download their Malicious software

if website opens suddenly when you dont click or install any software or download something from internet .then that is a fake Url dont open it

when you chat in IM. you may get links saying “view sexy pics ” it is a fake webpage to attack your pc

use diskcheck and disk defragmenter to find bad sectors sand remove it

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