Laxatives And Weight Loss

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It would be nice to live in a world in which exercise and a good diet is all we need to maintain a perfect weight. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Please note that before you use laxatives for weight loss, begin a regimen of frequent exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. For some people, this is enough.

There are others, however, that diet and exercise are not enough. Using laxatives to expedite weight loss can be beneficial. Weight loss has many inputs, some of them we can change, and others we cannot change. Sometimes otherwise healthy people struggle with weight issues because of genetics. Either their body does not burn calories as rapidly as it should or their body stores more fat or a host of additional reasons.

If you find yourself in this group, there are alternative methods you can use for weight loss, but it is always important to remember to never rely on a laxative for your weight loss goals. Cleansing your body at a regular interval can be beneficial, but frequently using laxatives or other means harms your body. Take precautions when using laxatives, but do not be afraid to use them once, if nothing else, simply to clear your system.

Very few people believe this, but it is possible to have 5-8 pounds of excess fecal matter lining the walls of the colon and intestinal tract. This can cause sluggishness and general malaise. To put this weight into perspective, it is as if you are constantly walking around with the weight of a gallon of milk attached to your abdomen. And that is on the low end. A gallon of milk weighs 4.5 pounds, so some people are carrying two gallons of milk where ever they go. This wears down the skip in our step while overtime impacting our bones and muscles.

The kicker, however, is that it is completely unnecessary for us to carry this weight. We can lose it. Healthy use of laxatives will begin to flush this excess weight out of your body. You will feel lighter and will notice the health benefits almost immediately.


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