The Pond

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A few months ago I frowned at the pond,

I even yawned,

When I crossed the pond

Early in the morning

As I went for a walk with my spouse ;

All of a sudden the pond was cleaned,

All the green algae was gleaned,

Thanks to the District Admin,

Now the pond was crystal clear

I could even see the glimpse of the moon very near

A few weeks later

The pond was filled with a matter

I could see a few saplings of lotus

Indeed I was very much elated.

Now the pond was full with lotus

Its large leaves spread out

In the pond throughout

By and by I could also see the buds of lotus

Peeping out of the pond

In all their humility;

I was so tempted to pluck a few

Thanks to my spouse

Who stalled my stupidity

I was heaving,

I was yearning

I was longing

But I could only see those lotus

In all their glory

Which have fully blossomed

Posing themselves as brides,

They were such beautiful damsels

But I could have only a dekko

And their mere sight made me happy

A few days went by.

The summer intervened

The lotus leaves were no more green

The majestic brides were not seen

My heart was aching,

I felt very sad,

In the end I resigned

To the fact:

‘Beauty is only ephemeral.’


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