Sex Sells On The Internet

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Sex sells.  You have heard this phrase uttered time and time again.  That’s because for the most part it is entirely true.  Life on the Internet becomes easier if you are a girl.  The real problem with this lies in the fact that it also is much easier for you if you pretend to be a woman.  The Internet is a basically anonymous place (Not actually, but for the average user) where anyone can masquerade as the opposite sex to get more attention for whatever it may be that they are trying to do.  Usually they are trying to make some money through various types of marketing schemes.  Sex can make anything sell, not just sexy things.

When people create twitter, myspace, or facebook accounts with a girl profile they are guaranteed more people will accept their invitations to be friends or followers.  This allows whoever created the account to receive more publicity for any offers they are promoting.  These offers could be just to visit their site and drive some traffic.  They could also be trying to get people to do email submits through an affiliate program.  Email submits are sites that ask you for your email address in order to “win” a free gift card, Ipod, or whatever hot item they want to say.  These are usually just people building targeted spam lists who pay the affiliate company who in turn pays the person who drove the traffic.  They could also be whats known as an E-whore.  E-whores are people who visit sites with the intention of tricking guys into signing up for dating sites or other sex offers like web cams.  These E-whores can make anywhere from three dollars to 70 dollars for someone signing up to these sites depending on some variables such as if they are a paid member or not.  There are many ways that people can exploit the power of sex for their own gain on the Internet, and they all involve misleading men.

Multi-player games such as World of Warcraft also are affected by the gender of the player.  If a player can successfully convince others that they are a girl their game play becomes much easier.  Players give them gifts and are more likely to help them on quests and adventures.  Other players will go out of their way to do things they wouldn’t do for a male player.  Sex touches almost every aspect of the Internet.

You can never be sure who you are talking to on the Internet is the person you think they are.  Even if their motive is not as sinister as kidnapping or rape, they are out to get you.


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