Ethics Of Pet Ownership By The Poor

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility to take on for anyone.  You are now entrusted the life of another creature that has feelings, emotions, and a personality of its own.  Sometimes terrible things can happen to even healthy pets and the vet bills can be astronomical.  It is unfortunate but sometimes people choose to have animals put down instead of paying the outrageous amount that the clinic will charge.  The animals life is cut short, but had it not been for this poor loving home the animal could have been dead long before. 

Some people are quick to say that if you can’t afford these unexpected bills, you shouldn’t ever have adopted that animal in the first place.  Their thought process is that if this animal had been given to a rich loving home it would have lived a longer better life.  I agree with this point, animals should be placed in the best home available.  However, there are thousands upon thousands of unwanted kittens everywhere that will never get any home.  They will probably meet their demise due to disease, traffic, or other animals.  The life they will have up until their death will be one of constant worry about where the next meal will come from or when the next animal attack will be.  Not the life of a house cat, even in a poor home.

Take for instance my cat who came from a rough environment.  There were tons of cats at this house that had no running water and whose owner feed them only sporadically.  They had to fend for themselves among the older cats for food.  They are all mite ridden and have some sort of health issues.  They are in a overall unacceptable environment and in bad shape.  Until we stepped in.

We picked our cat out and took her home.  We fed her regularly everyday and gave her mite drops, flea medicine, and de-wormer.  She is doing great now and has put on a lot of weight.  She now lives in a loving friendly home, unlike her previous situation.  Her quality of life has significantly improved and she will continue to live a good life.  However, we don’t have enough money to cover a vet bill that could reach into the 1000’s of dollars.  We would have to put her down if it came to it.  It would break our hearts but we would have no choice, we live paycheck to paycheck.  We think that our kitten will have lived a better life than it would have if we had not taken it.  She would have been sickly until her almost certain premature death, just as was the fate of multiple litters of kittens before her.  There was no better or richer home to take this kitten.  So it seems that we are all this tiny kitten has, and we feel it is better than nothing.

To all the people who are quick to attack the character of people who can not afford these outrageous bills, please think about what your saying before you make these defamatory remarks.  We can’t provide large sums of cash for our animals, but we can provide them with a better life.

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