Burn Notice: Sins of Omission

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As a fan of actor Michael Shanks, I had to turn into Burn Notice and watch this episode called Sins of Omissions.  While this spy series is in its second season, I hadn’t seen it until Shanks recurred in four episodes in season two.  The first was the very dramatic introduction to his character of Victor in Bad Blood.  His second appearance was just a brief bit at the very end of Truth and Reconcilations, which aired right before the show that I’m reviewing here.

I do get a kick out of series star Jeffrey Donovan.  He has an alluring voice that is curious to me.  I don’t know what there is about it, but when he talks, I want to listen.  Donovan plays Michael Weston, a spy who is off the charts now because he was burned.  His quest for two seasons has been trying to find those responsible for the burn.  Until he does, he doesn’t have a chance of getting his life back.

Though I was watching the show for Shanks, he really only had a few scenes, sandwiched in between scenes that focused on the main story for the night.  I just love Shanks’ character of Victor, though.  He’s a crazed, probably a bit insane Black Ops operative who is a nemesis of Weston’s, or maybe not.  We really don’t know the whole story at this point.  They’ve fought each other, and now they may actually call a truce and work together.

In the final scene of the show, Weston and Victor fight in the men’s room.  It actually made me laugh a little because Weston used a laser on Victor to gain the advantage, and that reminded me of all the times on Shanks’ series, Stargate SG-1, where he was the victim of a similar object, called the ribbon device.  Both stun.  It was just a moment of deja vu for me.

The main plot of Sins of Omission was a woman named Samantha who shows up unexpectedly.  She and Weston had worked together before and were an item.  This instantly pitted her against Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), who has had a romantic relationship with Weston and still works with him now.  I liked the angle of this story because it wasn’t all that soap opera-ish.  It actually served to move Weston’s and Fiona’s feelings along.  It was an intelligently written plot and in all honestly, it’s the most intrigued I’ve been in a plot that didn’t involve Shanks since I began tuning in to Burn Notice from time to time.

Sharon Gless and Bruce Campbell are both co-stars in Burn Notice, and each does a great job in their roles.  They are wonderful performers that add to the series.


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