Burn Notice: Bad Blood

Jeffrey Donovan stars as Michael Weston in Burn Notice, a drama that appears on the USA Network.  The show just began its third season.  My interest in this spy-like adventure show was in season two, however, when one of my favorite actors, Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1, appeared in four episodes.

Michael’s first appearance was in the episode, Bad Blood.  As this was my first time watching Burn Notice, everything was new to me and I had to pick up on what was happening.  Fortunately, the opening narration of the series provides some basics, that Weston was a spy operative that was burned, meaning he’s exiled and on his own.   Each show has Weston doing a lot of narrative voice over, much like was done in the early seasons of MacGyver.  I found that to be very helpful.  It’s the exposition that viewers need to understand all that is happening.

In this show, Shanks guest played the role of Victor.  Actually, the show has a thing where once it’s clear who a main character is, they put the character’s name and calling, so to speak, on the screen as it pauses.  It’s a very different effect and is a lot of fun.  For Victor, the screen read, “Victor, The Wrangler.”

Victor was a true character.  He’s a bad guy who fears not about anything.  He had flare and style.  He had a sort of evil cackle that was appealing.  He actually was quite likeable, even as he was snarky and humorous.

One of my favorite moments is at the end of the episode when Victor goes into his evil cackle and then does this little, pout-like, child tantrum-ish dance where he’s jumping up and down a bit.  It reminded me very much to something Shanks’ character on Stargate SG-1 did a couple of times.  It’s affectionately called the Danny dance.

Shanks looked super, appearing with a light, scruffy beard.  His fans were treated to a nice scene of him at the beach, wearing swim trunks and sunglasses only.  It was the beefcake moment the caused hearts to go pitter patter.

Victor was a wild and crazy character.  He calls Weston ‘Sport’, and I get a kick out of that.  I read where he was described as being Michael on steroids, only crazier, and that’s pretty much how he comes off.  Shanks performed the role very well.

If all of Burn Notice was like this episode, I’d definitely watch it a lot.

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