Brain Entrainment – Is It THE Answer?

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We’re told whatever we think about becomes our reality.  We visualize, use
affirmations and meditate but for whatever reason we are unsuccessful
in manifesting our dreams. We’re told that is because limiting beliefs are holding us
back and that if we just free ourselves from them we will be able to manifest
our dreams.  We’re told that our beliefs are deeply routed in our subconcious
and that if we meditate, visualize and use affirmations we can change our
beliefs and finally live the life of our dreams…

Makes sense and everyone wants to believe it – but it’s easier said than done.
Now comes brain entrainment technology.  It claims that it will raise our conciousness,
cause us to perform and focus better and one website even says it will have you “meditating
like a Zen monk at the push of a button.”  Could this be for real?  Or is it more “to good to
be true” marketing hype that we are bombarded with daily?

Let’s start by looking at the science.  Our brains fluctuate rhythmically in
distinct patterns called brain waves.  These patterns closely relate to our
thoughts, our emotions and our state of being.  

There are 4 categories of brain wave patterns, beta, alpha, theta and delta.  They are
differentiated by the speed of the wave.  The most rapid level is Beta and is the state we
are in when we are awake and alert.  At it’s highest levels beta is associated with
anxiety and unease.

Alpha is a more relaxed state, the state we are in when we are falling asleep or just waking up.
Also when engrossed in a good book or watching television we are probably in alpha.  

Next are theta waves.  We are in theta when asleep and dreaming. Theta is associated
with increased creativity, some  types of superlearning and increased memory.  Theta is also
a state of stress relief.  In this state the brain makes relaxing endorphins that melt away

The slowest brain wave is delta.  This is dreamless sleep.  In delta the brain also releases
highly beneficial substances, including human growth hormone, which decreases as we get older and
is responsible for aging.

It’s clear to see that if we can control our brainwaves that we can cause beneficial things to
happen to our body.  The technology does exists to change our brain waves.  So the remaining
question is:  Is brainwave entrainment really something that we can do at home by simply listening
to a CD for an hour or so a day – and will it produce the results on a large enough scale to
cause any improvements.  

This seems to be the big mystery.  The feedback from the product websites is astouding and it
would lead one to believe that it really is the lazy persons answer to easily create the life of
their dreams.  However when venturing outside the websites and onto forums one begins to see what
I believe is the reality.  It seems that the consensus is that brain entrainment is NOT the end all,
it is however a tool to be used with other meditative methods to help one meditate more easily, better,
and deeper. There are repeated accounts of people saying they have experienced beneficial results
from using the products, but not even close to the scale advertised.   With that in mind people who
are looking for assistence with meditating will probably benefit from this technology. I also suggest
keeping a watchful eye on this technology as it is in it’s infancy and I predict there
will be amazing advances coming soon.


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