Hanging Gummy Bear Earrings

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This article will teach you how to create unique gummy bear earrings that will never go bad. These earrings are cute, simple and easy. Make them as gifts, party favors, for yourself. . Have a gummy bear earring making party even. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can make gummy bear bracelets and necklaces. Weeee!

Supplies (Make one trip, all can be found at your local Wal-Mart):

Cute gummy bears. Actually look at them, some brands are really not cute.

Ear Wires

Jump Rings

Tiny screws with eyes

Hardening nail polish top coat or a craft sealent

Wax paper


Step one:

Screw the eye screws into the top of the heads of the gummy bears to prepare them to be earrings.

Step two:

Place your gummy bears on a hard surface and let them sit out for at least a few days to harden a little a dry out. This way the nail polish or sealent will stick better. If you prefer, have them sit out for a full month to completely harden. They will harden completely if you seal them before or not.

Step Three:

Paint your little bears with your nail polish or sealent. Let them completely dry between coats by placing them on wax paper. Cover the little bears in at least four coats and let them sit overnight.

Step Four:

Open a jump ring with your pliers and slide the eye screw that is attached to the bear onto it. Then slide the eye of the ear wire on aswell. Close the jump ring with your pliers. You are done!


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