Prospecting: The Art of Getting the Prospect to Sell Themself

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Network marketing companies for years have been teaching their associates the art of selling.  Arming them with hard sellng tactics, objecting handling skills for every situation, and the ability to make a sale today.  Prospects are unprepared to face these skilled networkers and often end up buying whether they want to or not.

Many top earners have mastered this technicque that I call the “forced close”.  There are drawbacks to this
method.  The main one being that if the prospect was coerced into buying,  they often will feell buyers
remorse a short time later.  This does not bode well for the networker that wants to build a solid long term
team and income.

There is a better option available, I call it “self selling”.  In this approach a prospect “sells themselves”
and makes the decision to purchase on their own.  In this case the new associate tends to be happier with their
decision and is much more likely to happily work and become a productive member of your networking team.

The two main reasons I belive the “self selling” approach is superior is to the “forced close” are:
1) In the “forced close” technique usually the networker is asking questions and pushing buttons to get
emotions flowing.  They give the prospect no time to think logically and quickly go for the sale.  This approach frequently leads to sales but is counter-productive for the idea is not to make a one time sale, it’s to carefully
build a team with a solid foundation that will run and grow for years.

2) Using the “self selling” approach the prospect takes the time to make a decision with both their logic and
their emotions. This leads to a happy, satisfied buyer, and a excited, motivated new associate who will work
harder and stay dedicated longer as it was thier idea.

Now don’t get me wrong and think that with the “self selling” approach that you going to “go for the sale”.  You’re
still going to sell your pants off to them, but your going to do it without personal pressure and coercion.  
You do this by using marketing.  You want to be in your propects face every few days.  Emails, letters,
postcards are all ways of doing this.   You will not ask for the sale directly.  Instead you will do it through
the indirect pressure of your marketing.  This in turn allows the prospect to come to a well thought out, commited
decision, on their own – resulting in them pushing the join button voluntarily.

Now think about it.  What method really makes the most sense?  What are your long term goals?  It’s not the sale today,  it’s the team full of productive, successful entrepreneurs making you residual income for years to come.


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