Some excellent energisers

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Some foods can offer us just the lift we’re looking for when we’re tired or have lost a bit of motivation. So, next time you’re struggling to keep up with your hectic lifestyle, consider some of these excellent energisers. :-

Coffee Kick

An aromatic cup of coffee is a great way to kick-start the day, or give you a boost half way through. Coffee is also naturally rich in antioxidants, which means it’s great at fighting off free radicals – one of the main reason for aging.

Chocolate Break

“Have a break, have a KIT KAT”. Chocolate is a well-know source of pleasure because of its sweet taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. These feelings of pleasure, also spurred by other foods, are caused by the release of checmicals that can energise you and give you a better break.

Ice Cream Rush

A scoop of you favourite ice cream is sure to put you in a sweet mood anytime. It’s also a great treat on a hot day, or the perfect way to finish off a meal if you have a sweet tooth!

Carbo Boost

Potatoes, pasta and breads are all valuable sources of carbohydrate, the body’s most common source of energy. Try to go for complex carbohydrates like white bread and pastries as they are slower to digest.

Indulge in small portions.

Just remember this, whenever you’re tempted to treat ourself, or boost your energy levels, don’t forget to take things easy.

Foods like ice cream, coffee and chocolate are most enjoable in moderation, and as part of a balanced nutrition plan.

So make sure you don’t overdo it!


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