Las Vegas jobs: how much do dealers make around here

People think that dealers in Vegas makes a lot of money but they don’t really make that much money. They make OK money compare to the rest of the population. The games are easy and the dealers doesn’t have to do a lot of work like a nurse. A Nurse and a dealer makes about the same amount of money. A dealer would make more than a nurse on some occasion.

It depends on the casino that you work and the guests. Whether they win or not determine how much you will get tipped. You only get pay minimum wage and the rest is base on tips. This is why you would get a fluctuation on how much money you make.

The minimum wage is $6.75. All the dealers get $6.75 an hour. It doesn’t matter what casino they work at. They get all the tips from the guests and they split it up between dealers. It’s all split up equally.

The average wage is around $150-$300. On a good day, you would get $400 and up. It could go up to $900 per day. It can be hard to become a dealer. You have to audition and pass your audition. You have to have at least two years of experience in order to get into one of the major casino. If you don’t have experiences, you have to start at a small casino.

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