Las Vegas work environment: what they need to change

Most of the major casino chains here in Vegas have been bought by other people, they went bankrupt. Station casino is near bankruptcy. The Harrah went bankrupt and was bought by Apollo. MGM is near bankrupt. MGM is one of the most influential casino chain in Vegas. They’re near bankrupt. I don’t like the ways they do things here in Vegas. They really bother me with their three interview process even if it was to clean the kitchen. Do you need to interview someone three times in order to see if they can clean a kitchen? How much year of experiences do you need in order to clean a kitchen. This is how it is in Vegas.

If you’re a janitor, you’ll still need three interviews. You’re driving out from your home at least three times and it could be weeks in between interviews. You’re basically sitting at home hungry or you’re trying for another employer because other industries don’t interview you three times. The healthcare industry interview you only one time. The food industry interview you only one time. The financial industry only interview you one time. Why does a casino need three opinions before they hire a janitor? Does this means that they don’t trust their HR person or managers even? So they have wasted a lot of time and money interviewing hundreds of people three times each month and they might not even land a candidate. They must have wasted so much time hiring HR to do this.

All this time and money could go to pay their current electricity bills. Is anyone out there with any sense of saving time and money in the casino? If they’re so efficient, they wouldn’t have gone all bankrupt. I suggest that they change things before they go bankrupt again for the second time. I walked in on an interview and they already hired someone for it but they couldn’t even email me and said that I shouldn’t come. They have wasted my entire day for a job that they have filled. What kind of work ethic is that? Las Vegas needs major change.

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