Top 10 iPod Touch Games

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10. Rolando



In this game, you are a funny, round litte character, who has to complete missions and save the King multiple times. It is a great little game. I have killed countless hours playing this on my iTouch.

9. iShoot



Yet another shooting/war game. You are a tank, and basically what you do is, fight and try to kill other tanks. There is a wide range of weapons from which you can select. The more tanks you kill and the less damage you recieve, the more money you will earn. This money is used to purchase weapons, of course. You can also move around and get closer to your enemy. It’s a lot of fun.

8. Topple.



This game is a little, but not very, similar to Tetris. It is a modernized version of the age-old classic game. In topple, the aim of the game is to build the highest tower without “toppling” over. You can tilt your iPod to control or you can use your finger.

7. Tap-Tap Revenge.

Tap Tap Revenge


Arguably, the greatest app ever made for the iPhone or iTouch. Listen to music and tap the beats as they near the bottom of your screen. Remind you of Guitar Hero? Well, it should, because it is very similar.

6. Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball


Become and monkey and try to get to the “Goal”, while trying to get all the bananas and not falling over the edge. I enjoy this game, but I have come close to breaking my iTouch in frustration; that’s how addictive it gets. That’s what makes it such a great app though.

5. Toybot Diaries

Toybot Diaries


In this game’s storyline, you are a little metal robot, who has fallen in a sewer and has to get to the surface again. You go through countless levels, using your magent ability to pull you, trying to find your way out of the sewer.

4. Enigmo



One of the most addicting games ever developed for the iTouch. Dozens of levels of dropping, bouncing, and sliding just to get some water droplets in a jug. Easily the hardest and most challenging game I have ever played on  the iTouch. Worth every penny!

3. Motochaser

Moto Chaser


What high-speed motorcycle racing game has ever been bad? It is simply impossible. This game has quite a hard learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will not stop playing.

2. Flight Control

Flight Control


In this game, you are a flight controller, who is responsible for directing all types of aircraft to a safe landing. It consists of big jets, small charter planes, and even helicopters. You have to drag a line from the plane to the landing stip, all the while avoiding collisions.

1. iCopter



Ah, who would have thought? The most simplistic game, and yet the best one on the list. This game is simply too addicting and too time-consuming not to put in the number one spot. Out of all the games I have ever played on my iPod, this is probably the one I have wasted the most time playing. And for that reason, it deserves the number one spot on the list.


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