Relationships; beauty, brains and no self-esteem

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There’re a lot of people out there who suffers from borderline personality disorder. This is when they’re beautiful with a high IQ but they don’t believe that they’re beautiful or intelligent. They don’t believe it when they look in the mirror or when someone tells them so. They don’t believe that they’re competent. They don’t believe that other people could love them or think that they are beautiful. They don’t think that anyone would want to talk to them.

This is like an anorexic patient looking in the mirror and think that she’s still over weight, even though she’s very thin. It’s a mental illness. No matter what anyone tells them, they don’t believe in it and they don’t have self-esteem. A lot of people who looks good or seem intelligent actually don’t think so and they don’t think that they’re pretty enough or intelligent enough. They always feel like they’re lacking something. They don’t think that anyone can love them. They don’t think that you can love them. They feel unworthy of your love. No matter how hard you try to tell them, they won’t believe it. They feel more comfortable when you don’t like them. They are use to that. These people could come from abusive family or poor family structure.

You probably have dated someone like this or know someone like this. They have no self esteem and they don’t feel comfortable when you compliment them or treat them nice. They back off and they treat you differently. They can be cold or they won’t talk to you. It’s a sign of something new for them. A lot of people only like to stick around people that are similar to them or treat them like how they were treated in the past. They’re not use to other type of treatment. They don’t believe that you could be nice to them or love them. This is because they’ve never been treated this way before. There’re a lot of people like this in this society.


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