Hospital drama: when nurses are incompetent

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There’re people out there that can’t admit that they made a mistake. They find every excuse or every way to blame it on someone or to find any way to get out of it. This should not be a characteristic of a nurse but that’s how it is. There was one nurse at my hospital that made a mistake but she couldn’t accept that it was her mistakes. She went around the floor and beat up other people about it when it was her fault. She became incompetent almost after that. She was going crazy. She quit after awhile after a major accident with a patient that was near death.

One night a kid was unconscious because of an overdose that he got from his nurse. The phone rang and he didn’t hear it. He couldn’t wake up. The machine for his heart rate reads 200 heart beats per minute. This was too high. The phone kept on ringing. I went over to see if he could pick it up and he was unconscious. I tap him several times and call out his name but he was unconscious. He wouldn’t wake up. I knew that something must be wrong. I tap him several more times and still no response. I went to tell his nurse and she was sitting there relaxing like she was in Hawaii.

She was smiling and sitting there without realizing that her kid patient is near death. I told her that his heart rate was too high and I went on a break. She sat there for about another ten minutes without checking on him. She took out a medication book and look up about his medication. She was looking for ways to rescue him. When I came back there was around seven people in his room trying to rescue him. I didn’t see all of the drama because I went on break and it wasn’t my patient. The doctor rescued him. He woke up but threw up all over the entire hospital floor. It was everywhere. He had an overdose of heavy pain medication. Ever since this event, the nurse had a lot of problems with me since I was the one who told her to see her patient. I did the good thing. I saved his life.

If I didn’t warn her, he could have died over the next hour and she was still sitting at the station like it was Hawaii. She chased after me everyday at work after that like she really hated me. She wouldn’t let me use some of the machine at work and she kept on following me around like she was playing a mental game on her mind. She went crazy over it. I guess she was embarrassed but also she made a mistake. She cried one time. She quit her job and it was over. If you made a mistake, you made a mistake. You don’t have to try to find someone else to blame it on. I couldn’t believe that an RN can’t even have the courage to stand up to her mistake.


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