I Love Movies Especially When They Are Free!

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The reason why they are free is that these tickets are called Advanced Screenings where only a handful of people are allowed to see the movie before it hits the theaters.

Some of these Advanced Screenings will ask you to take a survey about your review on the movie. I know what you’re thinking, “How can I get away from these survey takers?” All you have to do is don’t look at their direction, pretend that you’re on the phone with a dire emergency and exit as quick as you can.

Be an hour early! It’s first come first serve. Many times they’ve given out more tickets than there are seats.

Here are the list of sites that offer Free Advanced Screening Tickets (some may require you to register for free):










Each ticket is good for two people (usually), multiply that with a number of people you will share this site with, and you can have a day of fun for free at the movies!

Enjoy your free entertainment and let me know how it went!

Come back next time for more free stuff.


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