What browser should I use?

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There are quite a lot of browsers around. Each one of them has its own good features and its lack of useful features. The choice of browser purely depends on the user’s needs, this is, if you prefer speed over reliability or compatibility, having lots of extensions over speed and CPU usage…

Now we will discuss the most widely known ones and my opinion about them.

Google Chrome

This is the browser I like best, basically because I really prefer speed over anything else, and this is is. Lately this browser has been giving plugin problems, such as Shockwave not working, but apart from that, it loads everything well.

In addition, it is very easy to use, the tabs at the top, bookmarks, and that is it. Of course, you have the typical address bar.

However, it lacks some extra functionality that other browsers have. For example, Firefox lets you install lots of different extensions that allow you to do many different things, Opera has got built-in chat and server communication, and so on.


  • Very fast.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not really 100% stable, since it gives errors every now and again.
  • Lacking extra functionality.

Mozilla Firefox

This is possibly the most famous browser, the predecesor of Mozilla (without ‘Firefox’). However lacking in speed (at least in my computer), the power it gives the user of customizing is truly amazing. It lets you install a wide variety of extensions and plugins, it is as easy to use as Google Chrome, and it has other functions, such as antimalware/phishing, that make it more secure than others.

Basically what makes this browser one of the best is the possibility of adding functionality using extensions.


  • Extensions.
  • Fast, secure, reliable.


  • Slow.


Opera is a really good browser, and I don’t mean good-looking, or merely fast. It has an acceptable speed, with lots of functionality (lacking extensions, of course) and it is relatively reliable and secure.

However, I did mention “acceptable speed”. This means that it is much slower than Chrome, and at least for me, slower than Firefox. On the other hand, Opera Unite, a set of applications already embedded into the browser this comes with, can be really useful. It includes music streaming, filesharing and photo galleries, all of those to share with the community or in your local network.


  • Functionality, basically Opera Unite, that lets you do a few things directly from the browser.
  • Security.


  • Speed. It is quite slow, at least more than Chrome and Firefox.


So, you may see that it solely and uniquely depends on your choice. If you want speed, then go for Google Chrome. If you prefer the possibility of customizing your browser a lot, then go for Firefox. However, if you prefer interacting with a large community, using Opera Unite, and having a mixture of the other’s features, go for Opera.

Chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome

Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox

Opera: http://www.opera.com


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