What to do if your cat is hoarse

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What to do if your cat is hoarse

brotee mukhopadhyay

If your cat, your lovely pet with huge fur over the epidermis, begins to meow with a rough and husky voice it is quite natural that you will be worried. Yes, get ready to accept that your cat is not well. May be that you have not taken care earlier and allowed your one to have friendship with others of the outdoors.

May be that your cat has always been sickly or has by this time reached to its old age. You may not be sure. But be sure that your cat may have some disease for which it is hoarse. Let us find out what steps you should take when your cat is hoarse.

(a) Do you find your cat to cough or sneeze or do you find discharges from its nose or ears and at times a breathing trouble? In most cases trachea, throat, or nose of the cat (and generally not its lungs) are affected. The cat may also have fever. These all point to Upper respiratory diseases. If your cat is already sick preventive measures (vaccination against feline herpes and against calcivirus) will not work. Presently antibiotics may be charged by the vet. If the condition is grave the vet may advice you to hospitalize the cat or take measures so that immunity of the cat is enhanced.

(b) In case your cat has got cold the symptoms will be almost equal to what have been stated just above. Antibiotics may be charged in order to avoid any secondary infection. Allow the cat to drink enough water and give enough food. Arrange for its warmth and as this disease is contagious you should take care to keep it segregated from other pets of your family.

(c) If the appetite of your cat has become significantly increased or this has reduced to a great extent or if you have noted in your cat symptoms like enhanced thirst and just enough of urination or rise in the blood pressure or cardiac problem or weight loss or any indigestion disturbances, take it immediately to the vet. Level of the thyroid hormone of your cat has to be tested. This is hyperthyroidism. Aging has been suggested as the reason. Treatment for hyperthyroidism differs from patient to patient. In order to fight against the growth of thyroid hormones Tapzole is the standard drug. For some cats surgical removal of one of its two functioning thyroid glands may become necessary. Sometimes therapy of iodine radiation is the treatment.

(d) You have been habituated at the sight of the regular discharges of your cat. But at times they are very serious. The discharges from the ear or eyes or from the nose and he will tell you if they indicate any infection or merely any scratch. Antibiotics may be charged. Discharges from the nose may be due to an infection in the tooth. But situation will be different if there is a tumor inside the nose and in such case the vet may advice for a radiation therapy. You must take your cat to a vet for any vaginal discharges because if it is feline pyometra it may lead to anything unless special care is taken at the right time.

(e) A tumor does not mean a cancer, but there are chances. The vet will advice accordingly. Radiation therapy may be advised.

(f) Be it sure that your cat has got rabies. Be sure if the rabies-infection of your cat is fresh or old. If it is fresh one booster anti-rabies will be advised. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot in order to quarantine the cat for at least six months. If your cat does not by then die it will do so in order to tell you that it does not have rabies. If your cat has really got rabies you may let it keep sleeping as you love it most.

One word more

Your cat is a lazy creature and it always loves to have comforts. If your cat meadows with a rough and husky voice it has definitely labored its vocal cord. Try to know if it is the hot period for your cat. In such a situation only its unnatural voice is heard. If it is so, leave it to the loving little pet. Within a few days its voice will be as normal as before.


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